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China Orient Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Orient) is a state-owned large-scale non-banking financial institution jointly established by the Ministry of Finance and the National Council for Social Security Fund. Established in October 1999, China Orient was then known as China Orient Asset Management Company. Since its establishment, China Orient has been endeavoring to safeguard state-owned assets, dissolve financial risks and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. Regarding the lawful and compliant operation as its lifeline, China Orient has accumulatively managed and disposed over one trillion yuan of non-performing assets, making a positive contribution to the stability of China’s financial system. In 2016, China Orient was restructured to a company limited by shares with the approval of the State Council.

In 2018, in face of severe and complex external situations, and under the instruction of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the correct guidance of the Party Committee of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) and the support of the Ministry of Finance and various shareholding units, China Orient comprehensively served the real economy and, in compliance with economic situations and regulatory requirements, granted top priority to the development of non-performing assets (its main business) throughout the year, while promoting the business of market-oriented debt-to-equity swap and deeply involving itself in crisis relief to listed companies and entity enterprises.

By the end of 2018, China Orient’s total assets reached over one trillion yuan, with 25 branches and 1 business department in key domestic cities, covering a wide range of business, such as asset management, insurance, banking, securities, trust, inclusive finance, credit rating and international business. China Orient now owns 12 holding companies, including China United Insurance Group Company Limited, Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd., Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd, China Orient Asset Management (International) Holding Limited, Bangxin Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongxing Investment Holdings Co., Ltd, China Orient Qianhai Asset Management Co., Ltd., Orient Bangxin Finance Holding Co., Ltd., Golden Credit Rating International Co., Ltd., Daye Trust Co., Ltd, Orient Bangxin Capital Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Rongda Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., with approximately 66,000 employees across the country.

Looking to the future, China Orient will indeed raise its political standing, further deepen reform, strengthen compliant operation, improve quality and efficiency, and ensure comprehensive transformation, while making objective judgment for development, integrating the adherence to previous achievements and the exploration of innovations for breakthroughs, and seeking development in stability for great performances, so as to improve the development level and quality of the group and make China Orient a modern financial service enterprise with standard governance, powerful control, professional service, advanced culture and top-class performance that complies with the requirements for the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.